Permits and Civil Engineering

We offer the civil engineering services you need to make your next project a reality. Call today and speak to our knowledgeable, experienced staff about your plans. 

Civil Engineering

Creating a better community is what civil engineering is all about. This means innovative designs that are functional, economical, and serve the interests of public and private concerns. From residential to commercial, industrial, and government projects, proper civil engineering helps turn concepts into realities that benefit the community. 

Why Civil Engineering Services are So Important?

At McCarty & Associates, we offer a full range of civil engineering services to meet the needs of your project. Our knowledge, expertise, and dedication provides you a cost-effective planning and engineering services that meet your needs in terms of aesthetic, environmental, and functional goals for your project.

We work closely with environmental engineers and scientists, along with geotechnical, traffic engineers, surveyors, and landscape architects to ensure that your project is fully addressed. And all this begins when we provide the best in civil engineering services. 


Proper civil engineering services address the full needs of the project both in its creation and how it impacts the surrounding environment. Because it is not just building the project, it is how the project interacts with its community. 
From proper permitting through the construction process, McCarty & Associates will be by your side. We have the knowledge, skill, experience, and dedication to ensure that your project goes as smoothly as possible. By offering the right set of civil engineering services, we can address all issues that not only affect your project directly, but how that project affects the community. 
This means administration of civil construction inspections that identify potential areas of concern at the earliest stages. Even the best planning may not anticipate all potential issues, but early inspections can identify areas of concern. This means that such issues can be addressed early, efficiently, and with far less costs compared to allowing such problems to grow in magnitude.
Keep in mind that our services include civil engineering for water resources, including hydrology and hydraulics in terms of modeling. This means that we provide proper stormwater and groundwater management, planning, and design that addresses the changes that any new structure makes on the environment. 

Site Civil Design, Stormwater Design, and Shoreline Stabilization 
Water & Sewer Utility Design and Traffic Analysis & Study 
Marina & Dock Permitting and Construction Management 

McCarty & Associates Works for You

We offer a unique set of services that includes site and utility design to ensure that your next project is a success. This means that we have the resources that help you see the challenges, so you can accomplish your goals. Because McCarty & Associates offers a wide-ranging field of expertise and experiences, we can help see possible issues that can be addressed right away.  

At McCarty & Associates, we offer the civil engineering services you need to make your next project a reality. Call today and speak to our knowledgeable, experienced staff about your plans. From concept to completion, we offer the civil engineering services that helps get your project off the ground, addresses the needs of the community, and anticipates potential issues that are resolved before they can become a problem. 

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