Landscape Architecture

We are the landscape architecture experts. Call today and find out more about our landscape architecture services and how they can benefit your next project.

Landscape Architecture

The study and practice of designing both outdoor and indoor environments comes under the auspices of landscape architecture. Proper landscape architecture involves the right combination of environment, architecture, engineering, art, and sociology. By incorporating all pertinent factors of landscape architecture, the needs of the community can be proper addressed.

At McCarty & Associates, we offer a wide range of landscape architecture services. Our knowledge and experience has been built up over years of serving the community.  We understand that landscape architecture is far more than gardening. It is creating value to a society that benefits every town and city across our country. 

Why Landscape Architecture Services are So Important?

For those who are creating landscape projects for their community, they must respect the interests of both public and private concerns over natural systems, environmental impact, and the overall appearance and appeal of the project itself. 

That is why landscape architecture services were created to address all pertinent issues regarding the construction or renovation of any land area that is under public use. Landscape architecture includes residential, commercial, and government buildings and structures that impact the environment. This means the design of spaces that includes buildings, streets, playgrounds, parks, waterways, and more that impact a community.

Before any new project can get off the ground, having the proper landscape architecture services is crucial for its success.


Landscape architecture is more than the simple placement of plants. We offer all the proper services that help you get your project started all the way to its completion. The services offered by McCarty & Associates goes beyond the simple design and construction of the new project. It incorporates all areas that shape and impact the community as a result of the project’s completion. The goal is to ensure that the new or renovated area of land not only serves those who need it services, but also benefits the surrounding community as a whole.

Landscape and Hardscape Design
Landscape Lighting & Irrigation
Residential Communities and Streetscapes & Courtyards
Park and Environmental Design
Presentation Graphics, Commercial Designs, and Landscape Design Guidelines
Permitting & Entitlements, Construction Observance, and Bidding Assistance

Why Choose Our Landscape Architecture Services?

When you consider all the complications that go with the creation of a new project, having a single company that can handle all aspects of landscape architecture is paramount. That is why so many have chosen our services in this regard. We offer our many years of experience, extensive knowledge of local, state, and federal laws that oversee landscape architecture, and our dedication to ensure that all projects fulfill the need of the creators and the community at large.

At McCarty & Associates, we are the landscape architecture experts. Call today and find out more about our landscape architecture services and how they can benefit your next project. We will listen to your needs, answer your questions, and provide the proper services that maximize the potential of your next project while following all federal, state, and local rules and regulations. 

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